Love Yours Freestyle

by Sha Stimuli



"Although I'm not totally in the game, I still get inspired by life and I write and record. This song moved me when Cole played it for me last year so I asked his permission to add my own verse. He approved and saw my vision. The verse isn't earth-shattering but it represents my thoughts so I decided to let it out."


Heard Cole say that being broke is better
That's an interesting concept,
As long as you're not stuck with a large debt,
I know what he means I remember chasing green in my twenties drinking beer on my moms steps,
That's where I lived,
traveling to jersey on the weekends just working on my craft, we would write and record,
We were struggling at the time, but it made for passionate rhymes, I was still finding myself getting right with the Lord,
I would go up to the labels, hoping Lenny S would save me one day, he really listened, said he'd sign me for sure,
I was focused on getting better, as soon as I got that cheddar I was treating every girl I dealt with just like a whore,
I mean as soon as I was hit with that contract my life was different,
My managers were fighting bout the pie we're splitting,
I went from really keying on how nice I'm spitting,
To looking at the charts and finding my position/should have got a job on the day I got a deal,
See that would have kept me calm, had my ego more concealed,
Now I'm sitting here reflective, giving thanks for every meal,
But I got friends whose rapper dreams became real, you know how it feels
When you wake up,
And reminisce, you used to live with your mother,
Slept in a twin bed, tiniest covers
Your job wasn't conventional, y'all beefed with each other,
Relationship was long distance, couldn't be with your lover,
You had heat, you had lights, food to eat in the cupboard,
And doing better than the homeless dudes that sleep in the gutter,
Adversity hit and you realized you need to get tougher,
And there's a place of higher consciousness we need to discover,
If there's an afterlife, after life, the region above us,
Will tell us money's not the answer to relieve all your suffering,
But when you...
When you're broke it makes your speech start to stutter,
My closest trip to fatherhood was holding seeds from my brother,
But now,
I drive an old school luxury car
With a couple of bedrooms, parking deck when I park,
No I ain't bragging, I'm just looking back at most of my bars
I embraced that the times were hard so I know I came really far,
But I can't help thinking bout the could'ves and the should'ves
If I would have stayed in Brooklyn in the hood and been a pusher,
Dropped singles, stayed single, juggled women like a hooker,
Would I go to sleep happier then?
If I was hollering Murda like Bobby Shmurda or powder like Troy Ave,
And my show money was popping and all of my boys laugh,
As we drink in the VIP, on a whore warpath,
Would I have a wife and son in my forecast? love yours!..
I mean love yours,
For real yo I'm talking to me,
I'm sorry for dropping names,
I should drop to my knees and pray and give thanks that I have a voice and that I've been on TV,
See the reason Adam and Eve even starting the eating,
of bad fruit it's cause the truth is that it's hard to conceive,
That they were in paradise for life, they thought that God had deceived them,
and Satan came in with some hatred and his plot was strategic,
We all aiming for success and yes we want to achieve it,
Whether you targeting cheese or you want a college degree,
Or you got a job to bring in paper that will foster your dream,
But you still looking at your neighbor's grass that's forresty green,
And you never recognize that every day your conscious and breathing, And that your heart is still beating well that's a part of your peace,
If you keep your focus just like Moses when he parted the sea
Or like James Harden for three it's so great falling asleep
When you wake up
Wake up, please pardon my preaching
But y'all don't want to believe it, guess you can call me naive
But when you survive through the darkest of seasons, you're not starving you're eating,
Look around you're in the Garden of Eden
Love yours.


released June 20, 2015


all rights reserved



Sha Stimuli Brooklyn, New York

Sherod Khaalis became the emcee known as Sha Stimuli in the early 2000’s taking his Cum Laude Radio and Television Degree from Delaware State University and transforming it into a music career.

Before putting his signature on a major recording contract with Virgin Records in 2005, the Brooklyn native was a columnist for XXL magazine.

In 2012 Sha released The Rent Tape Series. 2016...get ready.
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