Troubles produced by Just Blaze

by Sha Stimuli



I sat on this beat for years and I probably should have released it on My Soul To Keep. My mistake, but since the music can't be updated and I rewrote this like eleven times...I just decided to let it go.


Look inside my crooked mind,
My words are what you would define,
as visions over rhythms so my listeners, they could be blind,
They still would see the movie, hear the script, I'm using hooks and lines
To bait you in, you thinking it's a flick, but it's a book of rhymes
I'm sort of like a crook that cries
Drug chemist cook that dies,
Breaking bad, make me mad, you will see my hood resides
in me
There's a Brooklyn sign inside my heart that pushed my grind,
I wanted fame, but couldn't lie, my real emotions wouldn't hide
The true pain, faith gone, YouTube, views low,
Bills high, job stress, plan A, too slow,
Health scares, migraines, type two, glucose
One day I'll be playing for the Angels like I'm Pujols
Pray more, help folks, give back, time flies,
Broke days, kill hope, bring back crime side,
Push keys, users get, connected no
hard white, soft brown, kids lost wife high,
Young girls, hoes, thots,
Run streets, no pops,
Fake ass, wack weave, short skirts, low tops
Make up, caked up, snapchat, throw shots,
We beef, we die, they laugh, whole plot,
Weapons fly, genocide, songs tell you hit clubs,
Spend bread, we shed blood blood, crip blood,
Blacks kill Blacks still, black steel gripped up,
Body bags zipped up, Lord please lift us,

Chorus- Chuck D.
I got so much troubles on my mind

Verse 2
Lord please lift us
Lawmakers, break laws,
World order, takes course,
Death rate inflates,
May cause, race wars,
Peaceful life, equal rights,
Doctor King prayed for,
But we feel like, we should fight,
'Cause we can't take more
Black skin, can't win
Not when our mentality
Is how to be a player, while owners pay player salaries
prisons filled to generate millions, while we show apathy,
Black lives matter, I'm mad but you can't be mad at me,
I was writing happy crap while sitting eating apple jacks,
Then Hov and Biggie had to crack the code
Exposing crack to rap,
Now I'm bringing Blackness back
There's more to life than Apple apps and trapping,
factually the truth is truly the trap's a trap,
My habitat, sounds like rattatat, it's an action packed
where they cut and they shoot but you won't see actors act,
Ain't no graduation that motivates all these massive claps,
But when the white enforcer attacks it's, "how do we battle back?!"
Return to slavery,
Chances slimmer than Amerie,
Maybe we fight the power, or maybe embrace complacency,
Maybe we're in the spot evolution wanted the apes to be,
Maybe it's the ending of times and where revelations leads,
priest touches kids,
Pastor reaches congregations
Man shoots up a church,
Says he wished for segregation,
Young soldier bombs a village and receives a commendation,
Post traumatic stress disorder,
Now his wife and daughter hate him Lord!
It's been a wild ride,
Everyday as time flies,
My people embarrass me all the time on my timeline,
But I get upset when they kill us, it makes my pride rise,
Prejudice and being supremacist, there's a fine line
Then I get distracted by flicks of women with wide thighs,
Treat a hundred likes on my pic like a bunch of hi-fives,
What if I go out like the lead singer from Hi-five
Overdosing only cause Satan came from my blindside,
How can we survive when police are leading the drive-bys?
Same-sex sex is on television in prime time,
Wifey just told me that our fam is now expanding,
Can you see this crazy world through a child's eyes? My my


released August 31, 2015
Produced by Just Blaze, Mixed by Amond Jackson at Salem Psalms Studio


all rights reserved



Sha Stimuli Brooklyn, New York

Sherod Khaalis became the emcee known as Sha Stimuli in the early 2000’s taking his Cum Laude Radio and Television Degree from Delaware State University and transforming it into a music career.

Before putting his signature on a major recording contract with Virgin Records in 2005, the Brooklyn native was a columnist for XXL magazine.

In 2012 Sha released The Rent Tape Series. 2016...get ready.
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